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Prices vary depending on the job. But for an estimate we charge £249 for a half day and £499 for a full day.

Personal portfolio, a party, wedding, sporting event, county show or concert...

No matter what your need is, capturing those special once in a lifetime photographs is what we do best. We will capture the pictures that you and your friends/visitors/clients will be talking about for a long time to come.

There is more to photography than just a professional photographer. Editing the photos is just as important to enhance and bring your images to their optimum quality. Photo manipulation (or Photoshopping as its known) is where the real magic happens, turning good photos into amazing photos. There are two types:

  • Technical retouching : Manipulation for photo restoration or enhancement (adjusting colors / contrast / white balance, sharpness, removing elements or visible flaws on skin or materials, ...)
  • Creative retouching : Used as an art form or for commercial use to create more sleek and interesting creative images for advertisements, fashion and beauty.

Manworthy Media is based in central London.  However we regularly travel considerable distances to cover events throughout the U.K. and internationally. Get in contact with details of your event and we will give you a price.

Wedding Photography

Since the advent of Digital Photography we have found that more and more couples wish to have full control of their wedding photographs. They no longer want the traditional wedding album that will be filed away and never to be looked at. They want to be able to view their photographs whenever and wherever they are, be it on their home computer, on Facebook, or their mobile phone.

All our photographers shoot with a very similar style. It includes a mixture of candid/reportage type photos with a selection of formal and group shots. We also ensure that we capture photographs of all the special moments as well as recording the intricate details of the wedding that you have spent so long preparing for.

What is included?

Between two and four weeks before the big day, your photographer will visit the bride and groom at home to discuss and plan the photography during the wedding, including particular photographs required of special guests, the groups photos etc.

Depending on your price plan chosen, your photographer will then attend the brides home before she is due to be collected by the wedding car. They will take some family and individual shots either in the home or garden and capture those final moments of single life. Photographs will then be taken at the Church or Wedding Venue, including candids, group photos and the formal/posed photos.

More photographs will be taken at the Reception Venue, these are usually a mixture of candids, detail and venue shots plus more formal shots if the venue is suitable and time allows.

The total amount of photographs you should receive is normally in the region of 150-300 images however this is dependent on the package chosen, the length of the wedding and the weather conditions. We do not impose any artificial limits on the amount of photographs we take.

Your disc of the photographs taken will usually be posted out to you between two and four weeks after the wedding, depending on the time of year and how many events we are booked for.

Payment Terms

A deposit of £50 is to be paid when the booking is confirmed. The remainder of the fee is to be paid when the pre-wedding visit is made. If the wedding is cancelled in excess of ninety days before the booked date the deposit will be refunded. We accept most major credit/debit cards. Credit card payments are subject to a 2% charge, debit card payments are free.

Price Plan 1 - Wedding Photography

includes: Attendance of photographer and assistant from before the wedding at the brides home, up to and including speeches.

Disc of the wedding photographs (high quality to enable printing at a photo lab of your choice). Photographs are also available on a secure area of our website for downloading.

Price Plan 2 - Wedding Photography

includes: same as Price Plan 1... except the photographer will cover the complete day.

From the Bride getting ready, first dance and all the pre-wedding preparations until 11pm.

Price Plan 3 - Wedding Photography

includes: same as Price Plan 2... except includes two of our photographers, ensuring complete coverage of your wedding including pre-wedding photographs of the groom.

Ideal for larger weddings