Video Production and Special FX
Photography, Art and Design
Web Hosting, Streaming and I.T. 

Information Technology

We specialise in the latest Windows Server technology, IIS8, PHP, web hosting and video streaming.

Our expert knowledge of the internet, web hosting and streaming allows us to create a web site for you of any specification with unlimited bandwidth. We can host and stream any kind of video, weather it be live or on-demand, and have it playable in all platforms: PC, MAC and Smartphones.

Because we own our own rack of servers and dedicated line, we have full control of our equipment. We are a very open minded company, so if it won't go on YouTube then try us. Video hosting and streaming services, live streaming, broadcasting, pay per view and password protected videos.

Online Video Solutions

Our services allow everyone, from private users to corporations, to use video in their sites. We provide tools that make it easy to manage and publish your videos online without compromising on advanced features like full statistics, advanced player customisations and automated uploads.

Common tools for diverse scenarios

  • We provide solutions for various scenarios of web video presence that minimize your effort.
  • We provide all the tools required and no advanced technical knowledge is needed to use them.
  • We have the most comprehensive tools in the industry at the best price!
  • We help you to use your video in your own website.

Uploading, managing and publishing your videos on the web has never been easier!

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